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Alkaline baths

The healing effects of alkaline bath salts have been known for thousands of years through baths in salt lakes or hot springs. Environmental toxins, stress and a diet consisting largely of acid-forming foods such as meat, dairy and grain products, can lead to hyperacidity of the body. Acids are increasingly stored in the connective tissue of the body, including the connective tissue of the skin. When bathing, the skin pores are opened by the warmth of the water. The difference in concentration of alkaline water outside the skin cells and the excess acids inside the cells causes the acids to be led out of the cells naturally (osmotic pressure). They reach the surface of the skin, where they pass into the alkaline water and are neutralized.

Alkaline baths are recommended for balancing the acid-base balance, e.g. for skin and joint diseases, detox and fasting cures or can simply be used for relaxation.