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As soon as one starts to feel bad, when the sneezing attacks begin and the eyes start watering, one often does hours of research. One often picks up supposedly good tips and advice from the internet, which at first glance may seem to replace the need to visit a doctor, but one often forgets a therapist´s wealth of experience. Therapists´ many years of experience working and being confronted with similar allergic cases on a daily basis is priceless.

In case of allergic diseases, please consult a doctor or naturopathic practitioner who is knowledgeable in this field. Addresses of therapists who work with BICOM® bioresonance in Germany can be found in the therapist search. For therapists outside of Germany, please contact one of our international partners.

Worth knowing

Information about the pollen count

There are now numerous apps for iPhone and Android that allergy sufferers can download onto their smartphones. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose the most suitable app for you. In many cases, the load forecast is already integrated as a basic function.

If you don’t want to install an additional app, you can find out about the pollen danger index on the maps of weather service providers.

Frequently asked questions

You can develop an allergy at any stage of life. The development can be weak over a long period of time or strong and more short-term. Genetic predisposition also plays an important role. If both parents were already allergic, the allergy risk or the readiness to develop an allergy also increases. This hereditary tendency towards develop an allergy is also known as atopy.

An allergy can be recognized as a sensitization to a certain substance. This sensitization can show itself in various forms. Rashes or pustules on areas that have come into contact with the substance are common, as is frequent sneezing or a runny nose and eyes when going outside, especially when weather conditions are favorable for higher pollen concentrations. Symptoms can though even occur indoors if it is an allergy to mites or mold, for example.

This varies from person to person and depends on the strength of the medication and the disease for which the medication must be taken. It is best to ask your doctor or naturopathic practitioner about this. He or she will be able to assess whether and in which steps medication can be reduced during bioresonance treatment.

Yes, the treatment is totally painless.

In the therapist search. More than 3,000 addresses in Germany are already listed there. For therapists outside of Germany, please contact one of our international partners.

It is best to ask your health insurance about this. Some health insurances offer interesting supplementary insurances in which bioresonance is included in the catalog of benefits. If this is the case, the treatment is partially or even fully covered by health insurance.

The number of treatments depends on the severity of the allergy, but also on the treatment plan that therapist determines during the first session. With BICOM® bioresonance, doctors and naturopathic practitioners have the possibility to get the allergy under control in combination with conventional medicine. It should also be noted that every person and every body reacts differently to the first treatments.

Yes, there is a clinical study about bioresonance treatment with BICOM optima® devices in patients with allergic rhino-conjunctivitis. Please refer to the final report for more information on the planning, implementation and evaluation of the results.


What is behind the technical terms atopy or microcirculation? What do the most important allergens look like, where are they found and when do they flower?

Here we would like to explain the most common terms in the field of BICOM® bioresonance and allergies.

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