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What is bioresonance?

Biophysical basics

The tendency to develop an allergy has been increasing in the world population for decades.

In 1960, only 3% of the world population had a hypersensitive (allergic) reaction to foreign substances (allergens).

Today, almost half of all people, worldwide, show more or less pronounced allergic symptoms. Scientists, allergy researchers and allergologists already predict that in the future everyone will have an allergy.

The BICOM® bioresonance method has been dealing with the subject of allergies since 1987, and with more than 17,000 BICOM® devices in over 90 countries, there are numerous experiences and recommendations for medical practices.

One focus of the BICOM optima® device is the treatment of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (allergic rhinitis). Whereby there are also recommendations for the treatment of mild to moderate allergic symptoms.

By means of specially designed therapy programs, low energy electromagnetic waves are used to activate and restore the patient’s own self-healing powers.

With the therapist finder you can find practices in Germany that can offer you BICOM® bioresonance. Many doctors or therapists also offer early allergy detection for preventive care. For practices outside of Germany, please contact one of our international partners.




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Painless, gentle and cause-oriented

Both testing and treatment with the BICOM® device is absolutely painless. Therefore, it is especially suitable for children from the age of 4 or patients with a very restless state of mind.

BICOM® bioresonance has no harmful side effects and is used without medication.

Occasionally, initial aggravations may occur during the therapy, due to the so-called initial reaction of the body. However, these subside after a short time.

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