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Biophysical basics of the bioresonance method

The well-known American cell biologist Bruce Lipton writes about molecular mechanisms, the basis for all life processes, in his book “The wisdom of your cells” as follows:

“Hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies over the last fifty years have consistently revealed that ‘invisible forces’ of the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation.

Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; alter protein shape and function; and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, and nerve growth and function. Each one of these cellular activities is a fundamental behavior that contributes to the development of life.

Though these research studies have been published in some of the most respected mainstream biomedical journals, their findings have not yet found their way into the medical school curriculum (Liboff 2004; Rosen 1992; Blank 1991; Tsong 1989; Yen-Patton 1988).”

Based on these biophysical principles, which Lipton describes in his book, various medical therapeutic and healthcare procedures have been developed in recent decades. One such method is the BICOM® bioresonance method.

We at REGUMED® are characterized by more than 35 years of experience and passion. Together with more than 2,500 enthusiastic therapists from the field of human medicine, we attach great importance to always being at the cutting edge of development and medicine.


Bruce H. Lipton
The Biology of Belief
Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

ISBN-13: 9781781805473
ISBN-10: 1781805474

Starting point

Chemical processes and electromagnetic oscillations in the body

BICOM® bioresonance therapy is based on the knowledge that chemical processes in the body are controlled, among other things, by electromagnetic frequency patterns.

For a very long time, Traditional Chinese medicine has included meridians, meridian blockages and biorhythms in its holistic approach. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many important scientists have studied the phenomenon of the body’s own rhythms and electromagnetic oscillations as a triggering or influencing factor of chemical processes in living beings (humans and animals). BICOM® bioresonance therapy is based on these findings and specifically uses these endogenous oscillations.

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Therefore BICOM® Bioresonance

Cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept


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The BICOM® bioresonance method is a cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept. It provides a sustainable solution for supporting regulatory blockages and malfunctions within the body by activating the body´s own self-healing powers.

The human body has a natural regulatory system that compensates for an exceptional amount of influences. Under certain circumstances, however, even these self-healing powers can reach their limits.

For example, incidences of allergic rhinitis have steadily risen in recent yearsm due to more aggressive allergens caused by pollutants, environmental stresses and changes in lifestyle. This can lead to energetic malfunctions of the human immune system.

The BICOM® bioresonance method is very suitable for correcting or compensating for these malfunctions.

The BICOM optima® picks up the energetic state of the body, processes the information and uses low energy electromagnetic frequencies to treat specific clinical indications in humans.

By using endogenous and exogenous substances, the body’s own self-healing powers can be activated and imbalances that have existed for a long time can be regulated. The aim of BICOM® bioresonance therapy is to activate the body’s own regulatory processes and thus initiate or accelerate recovery.

We at REGUMED® are pioneers of the BICOM® bioresonance method. More than 30,000 therapists worldwide, including well over 10,000 in Germany, are successfully using our therapy concept.


“I have been running a general medical practice for 30 years. Right at the beginning, I decided to include BICOM® bioresonance in my range of treatments. This was a good decision. It is thanks to it that my practice is doing so well today…”

G. Freisler, M.D.
Specialist for general medicine


The BICOM® bioresonance method

  • Easy to integrate
  • Without medication
  • Easy to delegate
  • Versatile in its use
  • 30 years of experience

Treatment focus

For a gentle and optimal treatment

The BICOM optima® belongs to the field of complementary medicine and is used for the treatment of mild to moderate allergic and allergy-associated diseases and complications.

One treatment focus is allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. This manifests itself in the patient through various primary and secondary symptoms.

  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Secretion
  • Obstruction
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Halitosis
  • Eyelid edema
  • Rhinophonia clausa
  • Dyspnea
  • Sleep disorders
  • Nasal hyperreactivity
  • Concentration disorders

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