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Ash reaches a height of 15 to 40 meters and is found mainly in places where beech is not as abundant. The buds are short and covered with black felt-like hairs. The flower heads can be recognized by initially upright panicles.

The ash tree belongs to the olive family. According to a study by Marjolein Haftenberger from the Robert Koch Institute Germany in January 2013, about 9.4 percent of adults (18 to 79-year-olds) are sensitive to the allergen of ash trees. The main allergen is called Fra e 1.

Pollen season

Ash pollen is present in parallel with birch pollen from March to April.

Possible cross reactions

There is high cross activity between the olive allergen (Ole e 1) and the ash pollen allergen (Fra e 1). Cross reactions to olive trees, forsythia (golden lilac), lilac, privet (rain willow), and jasmine are possible.