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Medical history

The anamnesis is a process of systematic questioning, which deals with the patient’s overall state of health. It is carried out by the doctor, naturopathic practitioner or person entrusted with the treatment, either vocally or with the help of an anamnesis sheet. The current complaints, special dispositions (e.g. allergies), health history (somatic anamnesis), life circumstances (social and psychological anamnesis) and genetic risk (family anamnesis) of the patient are recorded.

In principle, it is based on information provided by the patient himself (self-history). At the same time, it provides the opportunity for an initial physical inspection with regard to the patient’s facial color, posture, breathing sounds, skin, hair, etc. If the patient is suffering from a disorder of consciousness at the time of the anamnesis, for example, it can also be carried out on the basis of information provided by relatives (external anamnesis).

It thus points the way to the type and scope of further diagnostic measures and has the goal of quickly narrowing down the problem and making a tentative diagnosis. Without this narrowing down process, subsequent diagnostic measures would be untargeted and could lead the practitioner in the wrong direction.