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Willow species are very diverse in height. They range from dwarf shrubs, which grow to only 3 centimeters high, to trees that reach a height of up to 30 meters. In many species, the leaves are light green. The downy catkins are cylindrical or egg-shaped.

The willow belongs to the willow family, but has a lower allergy risk than, for example, the hazel or alder. Over 450 species belong to the willow family. As pollination is done by insects (e.g. bees, bumblebees), there is less pollen in the air. The young egg-shaped flower catkins are often used for Easter decorations, which can cause hay fever in indoor allergy sufferers.

Pollen season

Pollen season begins as early as March for some species, however late flowering species do not bloom until May to June. The main pollen season is April.

Possible cross reactions

The most common cross-allergy is to poplar.