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Certified medical device Class IIa

“95% of my chronically ill patients suffer from obvious or hidden allergies”

I unfortunately had to realize that classical medicine often treats the symptom, but not the actual cause. This realization captivated me so much that I finally trained to become a naturopathic practitioner. In the year 2000 I successfully passed my examination with success and after that I first gained experience in a medical practice that focused on the bioresonance method. At first, bioresonance seemed rather suspicious to me and I could not really make friends with it. My idea had been to offer only classical homeopathy. However the longer and more intensively I studied the bioresonance method, the more fascinating I found it and the clearer my picture of it became. In the end, I was so enthusiastic about it that bioresonance became my absolute hobbyhorse. I worked in this medical practice for one year, after which I started my own business as a naturopathic practitioner specializing in the bioresonance method.

My ambition

At first I only had a small practice in an annex of an architect, but after a short time the space was no longer sufficient and I rented larger rooms. I had such a good influx of patients that at times I had to stop new patient admissions again and again, so that I could still manage everything according to my expectations. I work alone because I have very high standards when it comes to working with my patients. Every patient deserves the best possible treatment, so I want to take care of everyone myself from A-Z and constantly refine my way of working and my methods. I am also learning every day, although I have gained great confidence in working with the bioresonance method over the long years of being self-employed.

The first step: Testing

95% of my chronically ill patients suffer from an obvious or hidden allergy. The first session always includes testing for intestinal fungi and allergens. First, the body’s own regulation must be restarted and the detoxification process initiated. It usually takes four sessions to eliminate the allergy. Afterwards, I check whether there are any other stresses or disturbing factors, because everything must be fundamentally cleared out in order to ensure long-lasting success.

Help for self-help

With bioresonance I can give the patient the best in terms of help for self-help. No additional medication with unpleasant side effects is necessary and the method is completely painless. Since I originally wanted to work with classical homeopathy, I use homeopathy as a support in special cases.

I intend to write a book about working with the bioresonance method, as it has enriched my life so incredibly. Even after the many years, I still enjoy working in my practice with enthusiasm.


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Simone Scherer

Naturopath in Olpe, has been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method for 22 years. Originally she worked in business administration, but found her way to naturopathy and complementary treatment methods through her own painful experiences.