BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Added therapeutic value for the practice

„Since the middle of the last century, the prevalence of allergies has been steadily increasing in Westernized countries. Around 30 to 40 percent of Germans now suffer from at least one allergy.“ (Source:

Years of allergic symptoms can be very stressful and enormously restrict the quality of life. Often, symptom-suppressing medications over a longer period of time are the only way out for those affected. Not infrequently, side effects such as headaches, fatigue or sleep disturbances have to be accepted.

Allergy triggers and symptoms

The causes and triggers of allergies are numerous and varied. Just as varied are the complaints that are triggered by them: From a runny nose and watery, itchy eyes, coughing fits, shortness of breath to gastrointestinal complaints and joint pain. The diagnosis must be careful so that the treatment shows the desired success.

Cause identification and treatment in my practice

In addition to a thorough anamnesis and detailed resonance tests, I focus my attention on the condition of the intestine. A damaged intestinal flora has a negative effect on the immune system and can promote the tendency towards allergies.

After I have identified the allergy-causing factors, I treat them with the BICOM® device. Since different allergy programs are stored in the device, the application is relatively simple. In this way, I gently and specifically address the causes of the complaints. Often there is a noticeable improvement after only one or two treatments, so that medication can be dispensed with.

Added therapeutic value for the practice

Bioresonance offers therapeutic added value for my practice. This is because word has spread that this method reliably helps with allergies and can be wonderfully combined with other therapeutic measures such as homeopathy and phytotherapy.

Gentle and painless

An additional advantage: both the resonance tests with the BICOM® device and allergy treatments are completely painless. A great relief, especially for small patients (and their parents!). Many patients come by recommendation, so I can almost do without classical advertising.


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Meike Dohse

Naturopathic practitioner. After studying business administration and working in this field for many years, she trained as a naturopathic practitioner and opened a practice in Hamburg. The focus of her work is on gynecology and pediatrics and the treatment of allergies. BICOM® bioresonance plays a central role in allergy treatments.