BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

BICOM® bioresonance in combination with test ampules

In 2018, my little spaniel developed a massive food intolerance and had enormous physical problems. My veterinary practitioner recommended bioresonance and used it to treat my dog. I couldn’t believe it, but it worked great. This aroused great interest in me as a conventional doctor and I very quickly bought my own BICOM® bioresonance device. I felt that this method suited me well and was also a qualified treatment method for my patients.

In the meantime, 90 – 95 % of my clients are patients for bioresonance. Most of them have been suffering with health problems for many years, and have already tried all possible forms of therapy, without seeing any improvement in their clinical picture. My success rate here is at least 80%.

I work with the whole variety of test ampules in order to be able to define the exact stresses and to be able to treat the patients individually with the BICOM® device. The seminars I have attended through REGUMED® are very helpful for my daily work, as they have introduced me to new approaches and methods.

With bioresonance I have found a valuable diagnostic and treatment method that can also be combined with homeopathy or acupuncture, thus providing me with a “full toolbox” of effective therapeutic methods.


… Are you a medical professional looking for a cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept? Get in contact with us or one of our international representatives to learn more about the BICOM® Bioresonance Method.


Anette Fischer, MD

Specialist in general medicine from Schwarmstedt (Germany), working with the BICOM® Bioresonance Method in her practice since 2018.