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BICOM® Bioresonance patients from all over Germany – Case studies for sun and food allergy

Bioresonance has become indispensable for my practice, the successes speak for themselves. Next to chiropractic, it is used most often. It is by far the best option, especially for allergy-related diseases. Some of my patients travel long distances to come to Viersen from all over Germany.

Case study 1: Sun allergy

Patient, female, 48, suffered from a sun allergy since puberty. Longer stays in the sun regularly ended with intense redness, blisters and itching. She could spend a maximum of 15-20 minutes outdoors on sunny days without painful consequences. Over the years, various calcium preparations and antihistamines were prescribed as a remedy for these skin reactions. Permanent relief was not in sight. When she heard about bioresonance, she came to see me in my practice.

Besides an intestinal reorganization and the release of blockages (one blockage was the calcium preparations!), a few BICOM® bioresonance sessions were enough to get rid of the sun allergy. Since then, the patient can look forward to summer and enjoy the sunshine again.

The patient is very happy about the newly gained quality of life and regularly recommends us to other patients.

Case study 2: Patient with high-grade food allergy

The allergic complaints had gradually increased over the years; for a while she could still eat potatoes or certain vegetables, until even that was no longer possible. For about a year she had been eating only lettuce. Other foods inevitably led to nausea, diarrhea, skin complaints or aphthae in the mouth.

The doctors she consulted prescribed her cortisone medication and various antihistamines. By chance she learned about my practice and decided to travel the long way from Munich to us in the Rhineland.

By means of anamnesis and extensive resonance tests, the causative factors are found out first.

It turns out that intestinal rehabilitation is essential for a positive course of therapy. Some blockages must also be released before the allergic stresses can be addressed in a targeted way.

Due to the long journey, the patient comes for several days and stays in a hotel. In order to use the time optimally, the therapy plan is adapted to this and, if possible and reasonable, therapy is given every day.

The allergens are eliminated step by step and very soon the patient feels better. This is a good sign that we are on the right track.

After half a year and several treatment phases lasting several days, it is done! The patient is rid of her multiple allergies and intolerances and enjoys a completely new life!


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Michael Schwarzbach

Naturopathic practitioner. He has been working in his own practice for 30 years. Among other indications, he is especially successful in the treatment of persistent allergies and associated conditions. In 2007, the treatment offering in his practice was expanded to include the BICOM® bioresonance method.