BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Bioresonance therapy: even faster results with low deep frequencies

As an ENT specialist, I have been using BICOM® bioresonance therapy regularly in my practice for 10 years. With the addition of the low deep frequencies, I now have even faster and more effective results. As part of my work in allergology within conventional medicine, I find an increasing number of children suffering from multi-allergies. In this case, bioresonance therapy is an ideal supplement, especially in cases of atopy.

Dry ear canal eczema

How I became a convinced therapist? I had a patient with the common problem of dry ear canal eczema. In addition, this man’s scalp was severely affected and he had dandruff. With a few bioresonance therapies targetted towards cow’s milk, the complaints had disappeared. And now the highlight: he had been treated by an naturopathic practitioner without my knowledge, but on my recommendation.

I saw him again and he was free of complaints. The skin of the ear canal was now smooth and not irritated and his head was free of dandruff! Through sporadic appointments in my practice in the following years, I can report that the patient remained free of complaints without relapse and could enjoy his life without food restrictions and without annoying itching and clogged ears. This convinced me about bioresonance and I have since been able to repeat such results many times myself.


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Dr. Tobias Schipper

Specialist from Germany in ENT medicine, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Audiologist/Neurootologist (BV), Quality Seal Allergology (BV), focus on invasive sleep medicine/snore therapy.