BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Bioresonance yes or no?

Meeting with a doctor was the deciding factor

During one of my training courses I got into conversation with a doctor who has been working with REGUMED® equipment for many years. She was full of praise for the bioresonance method. Although I had heard about this method on various occasions, I was rather reserved about it. However, the meeting with this doctor and her explanations about the bioresonance treatments made me think about it more and so shortly after that I had the BICOM® device explained to me in my practice. The presentation was so convincing and promising that I decided to buy it.

Overwhelming demand

The BICOM® device arrived in March 2017, and just two months later – in May 2017 – I ordered the second device. Bioresonance therapy was very easy to incorporate into the existing treatment concept, and demand quickly increased. Since my practice was still housed in smaller premises at that time, I initially had to treat patients in the waiting room as well, because I lacked the space for the second bioresonance device. Fortunately, an opportunity soon arose to move to a large practice in the city center.

80% of patients come on recommendation

The treatment of allergies and allergy-related food intolerances is one of my practice focuses. Over 80% of patients come because of a referral and the demand continues to grow. For treatment against inhalation allergens such as pollen, patients usually come for treatment only three to four times until their symptoms are greatly improved. Some patients come one to three more times after that for stabilization or to cover all pollen in the current pollen season.

In the case of difficult or long-standing illnesses, therapy may well have to be given over a longer period of time. I remember a patient who had suffered from diarrhea for 20 years and was therefore severely restricted in her lifestyle. I treated this patient weekly at the beginning, and later at 2-week intervals. After a total of ten treatments, the diarrhea caused by allergic food intolerances had disappeared and the patient was able to lead a normal life again. The fact that I could not help patients at all with the bioresonance method has occurred only in very few cases. In my opinion, such cases are not due to the method, but to a lack of compliance or excessive expectations on the part of the patient. This can sometimes complicate treatments, and every therapist knows this well.

In my practice, the bioresonance method is now an integral part. I can use it exclusively, but also in combination with other methods. The BICOM® device offers many possibilities and parameters that I can change and individualize. Thus, for every patient I fundamentally have the appropriate therapy programs.


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Vanessa Rodenbusch

Naturopathic practitioner with her own practice in Saarlouis. Her therapeutic approach is holistic and includes both traditional and modern naturopathic methods. In 2017, she integrated BICOM® bioresonance into her practice, rounding off her wide range of treatments.