BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Chicken egg white allergy

Just three years ago I thought that I didn’t need a bioresonance device. Today I am absolutely convinced of my BICOM® device and I am glad that I decided to use it.

Shortly before I bought the BICOM® device, I had a little boy undergoing homeopathic treatment. He suffered from allergies and Neurodermatitis. During this treatment I saw already the first successes regarding his skin. Incidentally, I learned from his father that the boy reacted very strongly to eggs (skin rashes and shortness of breath).

This information prompted me to tell him what my newly acquired BICOM® device can (allegedly) do. He listened with interest and subsequently agreed that it was worth a try and to treat the boy with it.

My testing confirmed that there was an allergy to chicken egg white. The subsequent treatment was very simple, as I only had to apply the allergy programs stored in the device. Already a few weeks later, the boy was able to eat food containing eggs without any allergic signs!

It is not always so easy and fast, sometimes a little more patience is needed, but there are always successes. I can’t imagine my practice without this valuable support.


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Melanie Wiltfang

Naturopathic practitioner from Germany.

Her main goal is to strengthen the body. In her treatments, she focuses on the causes of the disease and not only on relieving symptoms. In addition to various other therapeutic methods, she increasingly uses the BICOM® method.