BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Gentle, but thorough help for patients

My career change was the best decision I could have made. I look forward to the practice every day and my patients are very dear to me!


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Neurodermatitis – Own experience

I got to know and appreciate the BICOM® bioresonance method many years ago. Until I was 19 years old, I had neurodermatitis and suffered a lot from it. I owe it to bioresonance that I got rid of these stressful complaints permanently. Therefore, it was clear to me that I would integrate this method as a central therapy in my daily work.

Establishment of own practice 2018

When it came to the equipment of the practice, there were still economic concerns despite my conviction. In order not to tie up so much capital and to remain at the cutting edge of technology, I decided after careful consideration to lease the devices. From today’s point of view, this is also the best solution.

Diagnosis and therapy

Where necessary, supplementary laboratory tests are performed. From the first appointment on, the BICOM® device is used. This gentle and pleasant therapy is highly appreciated by my patients. It covers all age groups, from children to seniors.

Relief through a second BICOM® device

In order to be able to work more flexibly, I added another BICOM® device last year. Technical networking enables me, for example, to keep an eye on both devices from the consulting room. This makes my work much easier and is a great relief.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the BICOM® bioresonance method to everyone. This method is non-invasive, gentle and yet brings radical results.


… Are you a medical professional looking for a cause-oriented, holistic treatment concept? Get in contact with us or one of our international representatives to learn more about the BICOM® Bioresonance Method.


Andreas Günther

Naturopath from Dötlingen near Bremen.

People and their well-being have always been his focus. After years of working as a photographer, he decided to train as a naturopathic practitioner.

Influenced by naturopathic experiences in childhood – his mother and grandmother were very knowledgeable in this field – his path towards gentle medicine was mapped out early on.