BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Help for allergy sufferers – without expensive medication

Fortunately, I heard about the bioresonance method during my training in medicine, and as a result I became intensively involved in this type of allergy treatment. I was already very impressed by this method at that time, as it does not cause any harmful side effects, but is efficient in its effect. When I later had my own practice, I very soon acquired a BICOM® bioresonance device. I then acquired the necessary expertise at various seminars.

Treatment procedure for allergies and allergy-related intolerances

Through a detailed anamnesis and painless testing, the burdening and allergy-causing substances (e.g. allergens, bacteria, viruses, electrosmog) are found, and then BICOM® bioresonance therapy can be started. This is individually tailored to the patient’s ailments. A slight improvement in symptoms often occurs after the first treatment. As a rule, six to eight sessions are necessary, after which the problems have largely or completely disappeared and the body’s self-regulation gradually gets going again.

Patient acceptance

80-90% of our patients suffer from allergies. The bioresonance method was very well accepted in our practice from the very beginning. The patients are grateful that their sometimes very long path of suffering has finally come to an end.

With a success rate of about 90%, I am very satisfied. Personally, I am also thrilled that with the bioresonance method I can actually help patients without toxic substances and expensive medications.


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Elena Kolbe, Medical Doctor

Specialist in otolaryngology, additional qualification in naturopathy, allergology and acupuncture. Detailed anamnesis and thorough, individualized testing are the basis of her cause-related, holistic treatments. She has been working with the BICOM® bioresonance method in her practice since 2004.