BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

High success rate with allergy treatments

Originally, my practice focused on colon hydrotherapy, but gradually the BICOM® Bioresonance Method has become more and more established. Nowadays, it is used with almost half of my patients. The spectrum of application is large. Allergies and allergy-related disorders have increased considerably in recent years. The success rate here is about 80-90%. Due to the good treatment successes, the practice is always busy. It all goes by word of mouth.

Case report: Cat hair allergy

David (10 years old), a child of separation, had wanted a pet and therefore got a cat from his mother. Unfortunately, he then developed a cat hair allergy with severely itchy eyes, cough and asthmatic symptoms. The pediatrician prescribed cortisone and gave him the urgent recommendation to get rid of the cat again. David was very sad about this and turned to his grandma for support so that he could keep the cat he had grown fond of. The grandmother, who was called to help, remembered her own allergy to cat hair, which she got rid of thanks to bioresonance.

That is how the boy came to my practice. Already after the first bioresonance treatment the eye itching subsided, also the breathing problems and the cough became less. After the second treatment he had no more eye itching and breathing problems. After only a few weeks, the allergic problem was eliminated. Meanwhile, the cat even sleeps in his bed with him! One year later the family bought another cat. Purely as a prophylactic measure, I performed three bioresonance treatments, with the result that no reaction or exposure to the new pet occurred.

Case report: Horse hair allergy

Henrik (9 years old), wanted to go on a trip to a pony farm with his school class. However, Henrik had already developed a horse hair allergy years ago, which manifested itself in the form of thick wheals and other skin complaints. Since the boy did not want to miss the school trip under any circumstances, he came to my practice with his mother.

After I had treated Henrik four times with the allergy programs of the BICOM® device, he was allowed to visit his grandparents on the farm as a test to see if allergic reactions were still occurring. How amazed his parents were when only minimal skin symptoms were still visible when he went to the horse stable. A few additional therapies followed at longer intervals. Since then, he no longer shows any allergic reactions to horse hair. No further measures or medication were necessary to achieve this result. Since these bioresonance treatments Henrik can go on school trips and to horse stables without any worries.

All in all, I am very glad that I got to know the BICOM® bioresonance method and the company REGUMED®. This way I was able to combine my medical training with complementary medicine and have the possibility to treat painlessly and causally and to help my patients comprehensively.


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Gabriele Hoekstra

Naturopath and therapist from Düsseldorf. After many years of assisting in orthodox medicine in various specialties, she decided to dedicate herself to naturopathic medicine. Since 2009, Ms. Hoekstra has been working in her own practice. In the same year she completed training in the BICOM® bioresonance method.