BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

More effective treatment with bioresonance

When I opened my own practice four years ago, I immediately purchased the new BICOM® bioresonance device. The reason for this investment was my own experience years earlier with a painful herpes zoster disease. At that time, the BICOM® bioresonance treatment of a colleague helped me a lot and provided quick relief from my symptoms.

Since I am an osteopath and physiotherapist as well as a naturopathic practitioner, the percentage of patients who come exclusively for bioresonance treatment is only about 30%. However, the tendency is increasing, since I also use bioresonance more and more often to support “physio-patients”. The combination of osteopathy, physiotherapy and bioresonance has proven to bring more effective and lasting results.

Case: Pollen allergy disturbs high school graduation preparation

I experienced resounding success with a young man with a pronounced pollen allergy. He had developed this allergy about three years earlier and was regularly plagued by his pollen allergy since then. He had not yet undergone medical therapy, but had more or less successfully found his way through pollen periods with nasal spray.

Then came the year when his school-leaving exams were due. It was precisely at this time that the allergy became particularly unpleasant and noticeable, with all its typical symptoms: a permanently running and tingling nose, itchy swollen eyes and slight difficulty breathing. These complaints put an immense strain on him as he prepared for his exam. For this reason, he decided to seek professional treatment and came to my practice.

Improvement after a few treatments

After I had determined the trigger of the allergy by means of biophysical testing, only a few bioresonance sessions at intervals of one week were necessary until there was an enormous improvement in his allergy-related complaints!

The fact that this young man was treated very quickly was due to the fact that he was still very young and the “burden package” he brought with him was small. For patients with symptoms that have developed and intensified over a long period of time, the duration of treatment is also correspondingly longer.

I find the treatment possibilities offered by the BICOM® device very fascinating and I am happy to recommend the bioresonance method to others!


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Gabriele Caspers

Naturopath, osteopath and physiotherapist, working with the BICOM® device in her own practice in Germany for 4 years. She has good experience with the combination of bioresonance, osteopathy and physiotherapy.