BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Patients are increasingly open to bioresonance

I have been working with my BICOM® device for more than 10 years now. At first it was rather slow and it was not always easy to convince my patients of this treatment method. Many had not heard of it and were still skeptical. Perhaps the initial uncertainty on my part also played a role. In addition, one doesn’t really feel anything during these treatments, as they are painless. Patients were not so used to this from their previous conventional treatments.

Patients are increasingly open and open-minded

As my therapies became more successful over time, my confidence grew and with it the conviction that I could help my patients effectively. Also thanks to the increasing awareness of bioresonance through various media, it is currently no longer a problem to attract patients for it. Today, bioresonance is of interest to my practice in terms of therapeutic and economic aspects!

Duration of the therapy

Children and adolescents usually achieve faster success than older people, who may have a long ordeal behind them. Complaints that have manifested themselves over years and have accumulated a lot of stress require more time and effort until improvements occur. It is important to be patient, as it is definitely worth it!

Expansion of the treatment spectrum

I consider it a great advantage that bioresonance can be optimally combined with other alternative methods such as cupping and acupuncture. It is a very useful extension of the treatment spectrum. Compared to acupuncture, bioresonance also has the advantage that it is completely painless. It is ideal for patients with needle anxiety.

Application area – Allergies

In my practice, I treat both people suffering from chronic and acute allergies including pollen allergies, allergies to animal hair (cats, horses, sheep’s wool, etc.), food, house dust, etc. The treatments are usually very successful, after a few treatments many are symptom-free. This said, as mentioned above, in patients who have been suffering for years, it may take longer for treatment successful due to the numerous stresses.

For me, BICOM® bioresonance has become an integral part of my everyday practice. I work with it every day and I’m still thrilled!


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Sabine Lange

Naturopathic practitioner, Reiki master and teacher.

She has been running her own practice for naturopathy in Velten for over twenty years and offers a variety of procedures alongside acupuncture: soft laser treatment, leech therapy, massage applications and autologous blood therapy. She specializes in the use of bioresonance.