BICOM optima®
Certified medical device Class IIa

Skepticism turned into enthusiasm and success!

A colleague advised me to use the BICOM® bioresonance method. Due to my doubts and concerns about this method, I was more than skeptical at first. The decision to finally go for it was not easy for me. In addition, I could not see any great added value for my practice at that time, since I had quite good results with the forms of treatment I had used so far.

Mobility, a big plus for me

In the end, I still opted for a BICOM® device, namely the mobile version. The mobility is very important to me, as it enables me to take the device with me everywhere and treat my family at home if necessary. Now I am extremely happy with my decision. In the meantime, all my patients benefit from bioresonance treatment and it is well accepted. Sometimes just a few sessions are enough to achieve an improvement or elimination of the complaints.

Combination with other forms of therapy

My other forms of therapy are still used, and they can usually be excellently combined with bioresonance. Thus, I achieve much better results than before, and I can help faster and more effectively. Word has spread among patients about my way of working and through word of mouth I am getting more and more patients. In any case, I no longer need to worry about the future and the profitability of my practice. I cannot imagine my work without the bioresonance method. Today I know that this therapy is the best I have to offer!


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Claudia Schucht

Naturopathic practitioner from Bergisch-Gladbach (Germany). After training as a surveyor and studying architecture, she came into contact with complementary healing methods and decided to reorient her career in the direction of naturopathy.

Eleven years ago, she opened her own practice. Her specialties are: orthomolecular medicine, oxyvenation, infusion/injection therapy, homeopathy and for the last three years also the bioresonance method.