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Very itchy rash during vacations

A patient report by Mrs. Lange-Sohn

In August last year, Mrs. L. came to my practice with her 11-year-old son N.. He had a very itchy rash all over his body. The rash had appeared a week earlier during a stay in their vacation apartment.

Mother and son had already feverishly thought about what could have been the cause, but nothing had occurred to them. They had not used any other food or spices, they had not used any new clothes, there had been no contact with animals …

So what could have been the trigger of this allergy?

Testing solves the mystery

In my testing with the CTT1 test kit “5 Functional Circuits”, there were positive reactions to the ampules “Allergic Reactions”, “Lymph” and “Chemical Exposure”.

After knowing this, I continued testing with the CTT test kit “Allergic Strains”. Here, there was a clear reaction to the ampulle “detergent”. After a moment’s thought, the mother said: “Oh yes, I had bought a different detergent than the one we use at home”.

Fortunately, she still knew what brand it was, so I was able to use it for therapy. (In BICOM® therapy, the respective allergens come into the input cup of the BICOM® device and are applied inversely with an appropriate allergy program).

After a few treatments the skin looked a lot better. The itching was already less aggressive after the first treatment and soon disappeared completely.

Increased allergic reactions to liquid detergents

Testing in my practice is increasingly showing positive reactions to detergents and fabric softeners. Especially the liquid detergents seem to have allergic potential. (I like to advise my patients in such cases how they can still get clean laundry with significantly less, or without detergent).

Even after 12 years of working as a bioresonance therapist, I am still amazed at how fantastic BICOM® therapy is, especially for patients with allergic symptoms.

1CTT = Combined Test Technique


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Petra Lange-Sohn

Naturopath from Hanover. Working as a bioresonance therapist for more than 12 years.