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The deciduous hornbeam grows up to 25 meters high with a trunk diameter of up to one meter. The catkins grow to about four to six centimeters long and are yellow-green. At maturity in August/September they are up to 17 centimeters long.

The hornbeam belongs to the birch family and is found throughout Europe. The hornbeam is also often used as a hedge plant. The pollen grains of the hornbeam are transmitted by the wind. It is considered to have a low tendencity for an allergy, but it is often accompanied by birch, alder or hazel in the form of a cross-allergy.

Pollen season

The pollen season is from March to May. The pollen is however mostly present from April to May.

Possible cross reactions

Other birch plants, such as birch, alder, or hazel and their frequent cross-reacting food allergens.